Tuesday, September 15, 2015

The Granite Saga

Picking granite was really hard for me. For some reason it was the hardest decision I had to make.  On our first trip to the granite shop we were instantly drawn to this granite, Glacier White. 
We really loved the colors and the movement. We had them put 2 slabs on hold for us.
Then about a week later I started panicking and second guessing it! I wasn't sure whether or not it would go with our furniture and color scheme of our house. In our McKinney house we had a lot more brown tones. So we made a trip to the big granite warehouse to check out their supply. Here are a few of the granite slabs we saw. (Looking back at these pictures is pretty funny since all of the granite clearly looks very similar.)
I took a few samples and went home and painted a board the cabinet color that we liked. (Sherwin Williams-Dover White)
Here are the samples sitting on the painted board.
Ok I'm pretty sure granite samples are the most pointless things ever. You can't see enough of the colors or movement to show anything. To me they just weren't helpful.
I decided to make a 3rd trip but this time by myself so I could concentrate without kids. I went with the intention on marking a slab to hold but when I got there it looked extremely yellow against my white painted board so I looked around some more. (someone should have intervened at this point) I found two new choices!
Choice one
Choice two
Every time I went I found something new. It was making me crazy!!!
I decided to take the paint colors back to the original granite place. (4th trip!) I wanted to see if the original slab would mix with our brown tones in our house.
So on the 5th trip...yes 5th (see crazy!) we decided to go back with the original granite. After talking to my father in-law, Mike, we decided to switch our cabinet color to Aesthetic white. I'm really glad we did. He is so good with picking colors and I always trust him.
I think all of our friends and family were relieved that I made a decision so that I would stop texting them pictures of granite all day. Sorry guys.
Here is the granite in our house.

It is beautiful. I love it.
then this happened... Can you see the water ring in the granite. They are EVERYWHERE!!! We have rings all over our brand new countertop.
This stain is behind our sink.
The good news is that the granite company is amazing and they are going to fix it. We aren't sure if that means resealing it, trying a different sealer or picking completely new granite. Currently they are treating the stains for a second time. The first treatment didn't work. I am thankful we haven't done our backsplash yet either so even if we replace the entire countertop it shouldn't be a big deal. Well besides the craziness picking new granite will bring out in me! New stains are popping up daily so even if they can get these out we will be treating all the new ones too.

Has anyone else ever had a problem like this? It's the weirdest thing.
I will keep you updated on the outcome!


  1. Now is your chance to pick a different granite! 😉😉

    1. True true!! But I love this granite.

  2. Oh my! I have to say, your post title is quite perfect. It looks beautiful. Hope they can fix the rings!

    1. Thanks! Hoping they fix it too!! And soon! And I'm thankful we haven't done a backsplash yet!

  3. Megan! What a nightmare! Girl...I am so sorry...this is such a pain! I've never heard of it before, and I hate that it's happening to your gorgeous granite. Boo. Praying they fix it quickly!!

    1. I'm thankful we caught it now and not later on!! And I'm hoping it's quick too! We can't do much in the kitchen or pick out paint for the house until it is resolved!