Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Shiplap cabinets

This is the very first picture I took of our built in cabinets on the first visit to the house.
We knew immediately that we wanted to keep them because we do not have an office space and needed to have a place for storage and organization. Our first idea was to take off the decorative trim on top and replace it with something more modern and paint the built ins the same color as the kitchen cabinets. You can see the kitchen from this space so it is important to me that they have a cohesive look.
This picture is taken from the existing bar area in the kitchen. This wall is being torn out right now.
I'm also kicking myself for not taking a picture of the shelves completely empty. (blogger fail)
After searching pinterest I found this inspiration picture.
I knew that was the look that I wanted! It's so fresh and I just love it. I showed Austin this picture and put him to work.
Did you notice the new trim?
and of course we always have good helpers.
The finished product!
How do you think it turned out? I love it. I can't wait to finish out this room and style those bookshelves.


  1. Fabulous makeover. I love shiplap. Will you be keeping the walls the same?

    1. The plan right now is to shiplap the rest of the space with 10 in boards. It'll be a very open room when the walls are removed. I think we will paint the walls a different color than the built ins though.