Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Renovating is Hardwork

I would love to say our Labor Day Weekend was relaxing but in truth it was just the opposite. It was full of labor and we are exhausted. Last week was probably the hardest week we've had since we began the renovation. After the walls were removed the boys and I headed home from my mom's house only to find out the floor guys needed to start the next day instead of the following week. We already had several things we needed to do outside our home so I agreed. It ended up taking two days to remove all of the tile and it was completely exhausting for everyone involved.
Listen, have you ever tried to keep two kids away from something like this?? It was terrible. The very little time we were actually able to be at home was like a circus.
After two days of work the floor was still very unsafe. 
What you can't see are the millions of staples and nails everywhere.
Here's a close up. I wasn't exaggerating when I said a million. I bet that tiny piece of laminate had 100 staples in it. The original kitchen floor was laminate but somewhere along the way it was tiled, but tiled on top of a wire mesh to ensure it would never break or be torn out.
So the circus of keeping both kids away continued through the weekend. The new floors started going in yesterday. It will take two weeks. I really really really hope I survive.
We also had all the marble torn out of the front entry.
So what do you do with two boys when you have to be out of the house for two days straight???
You spend a lot of time in the car including naps both days.
You take a nap on your mom at Chick-fil-a.
You eat the craft you are supposed to be making at meet the teacher.
If you are the unlucky one you get 4 shots at your check up.
You play on the new floors. (see it's a circus)

You play at church and wrestle your brother.
You meet daddy for lunch.
And most importantly you give mommy lots of snuggles because you know she is exhausted.
What would you do if you had to be gone from your house for 2 days? I might need some good suggestions for next week.


  1. We just removed all the tile in our house and laid hardwood throughout. Removed walls and have been living in a small room at the back of our house! Remodeling sucks...but will be so worth it in the end! I can't imagine doing it with two was hard enough trying to stay organized with teenagers! We still have a long way to go on our remodel, but I at least have my kitchen back and can sort of move back in!!! Good luck to you Megan! Older homes are neat! We took paneling out and scraped popcorn ceilings...I left one closet with the original ceiling and paneling just as a reminder of what we started with! I have enjoyed your blog too! Fun to see what you are doing!

    1. Thank you!! I love the fact that you left one closet! What a neat idea! Yes it is very hard! But I still think it is going to really be worth it in the end! I hope!! Luckily we should be done with the big stuff soon. I am ready to move all my stuff in and get settled! I know you know the feeling! Good luck and I can't wait to see more pictures of your house! It is looking great!

  2. Oh my goodness, that looks like no fun at all, except for the sweet sweet snuggles! As for suggestions as to what to do... eek, I'm at a loss. We live on a farm so I'd just say have a hay day! :)