Monday, September 14, 2015

Labor Day Work

I mentioned last week that we had a very busy Labor Day weekend. Mike and Ann, my sweet in-laws, came to help us with a list of house projects. I'm so thankful they came. They worked hard and it was exhausting but we got a so much done. Here are a few things we did.
They covered the AC and water heater closet in dry wall.

They used lots of dry wall mud.

Then all those steps were repeated on the doorway we closed in by the front door.
Austin let Baker drill some screws into our floor. Let's just hope he doesn't try this on our new floors.
All 3 Butler boys hard at work.
No more doorway!

It even has original artwork by Baker.
I think Baker was just trying to be like his Skipper, Mike, because I found this on another wall.
And we closed up the doorway that is now the back of the AC closet.
Lots and lots of drywall mud went up.
Baker helped some more by vacuuming.
I really didn't help much at all during this time. I did a lot of baby holding because it wasn't safe for Fisher to crawl around on any of the surfaces. So I decided the boys needed to get out of the house so that everyone else could get maximum work done for a little bit.
We headed to Sam's to get a pretzel and do some shopping. Even Fisher loves a good pretzel.
On day 2 - We finished up some projects and had to prep the rooms for the floor to be installed. That included moving all of the furniture and fridge.
Ann unloaded all of the food from the fridge so it would be easier to move.
Ann is an amazing cook and she cooked for us all weekend.
Fisher and I ran to Lowes to pick up paint samples.  (I think we totaled 4 trips in 2 days...not too bad)
This is how he feels about the weekend.
And when we got home I found Austin in a similar mood. He was removing baseboards and had made a few holes in the walls. I think his words to me were "why in the world did we buy this house." You think now is a good time to remind him it was his idea?
And after all that work my in-laws still managed to have enough energy to give the kids a bath.
I am so thankful for them and all their hard work. They are the sweetest people with such big hearts.




  1. What a fun way to spend Labor Day with family =)

    1. You should have come too!! we missed you!

  2. hahahahaha! "Why did we buy this house?" It will be SO worth it in the end! Y'all have been working hard!!

    1. Ha! I think he says that about once a week! It's just lots of hard work! I know it'll pay off in the end. (I hope!)