Friday, September 25, 2015

Friday Favorites September 25th

I'm linking up with my girls Erika, Narci and Andrea for Friday Favorites. This week was busy but really good! We spent our last week away from the house while our floors were being finished. I can't wait to finally unpack and truly LIVE in our house.

Here are the new floor samples. We chose the stain on the far left. I will show you some finished pictures next week! I might have peeked in the house today to see them and they are AMAZING!! I think they are my favorite thing we have done so far. I love them that much. We should be able to go home to finished floors on Saturday! YAY!!
The boys love to go to the library. My mom just happens to be their favorite librarian. We had to go visit this week since we were staying at her house....again.
How ironic are these pictures of Fisher eating fake food. This cracked me up. Fisher has some food issues but apparently his favorite food is plastic.
I got to spend some time with some of my favorite boys this week.  
We did their favorite things.
Baker wrote the number 1 several times. He was really proud of himself. They've been working on writing at his school.
Fisher's favorite thing to do is climb. He is a monkey.
He was trying to climb out of the highchair.
The big boys like to climb behind the sofa at Honey's house and Fisher finally figured it out this week. He was sooooo proud.
My favorite has been holding this little man. Isn't he the sweetest!! This is my new nephew Parker. He is 2 weeks old today and I was also blessed with my first niece last week too!
All the boys found a favorite cowboy hat to wear! We just needed them last week for the rodeo.
We drove back to Abilene on Thursday so Baker could go to school and have donuts with dad. Going to school is one of Baker's favorite things. He skipped on Tuesday because of the floors and I hated for him to miss again. Wednesday night he even told me he was sad because he missed his friends.
 After school we headed back Honey's house! Honey was going for a bike ride but Baker wasn't going to let her do one of his favorite things without him!
Hope you have a weekend filled with favorites! We are headed to another 6-man football game tonight and will hopefully get to see our finished floors on Saturday. I'm hoping to unpack a little too! Happy weekend friends! 


  1. What a fun week! My Little L is a climber too. He is definitely going to be the brother getting the other brother into trouble!! Haha. And he's a picky eater. He's so much fun though! Happy Weekend!

    1. HAHA!! our littles sound similar! so funny!! and yes the poor older brothers!

  2. Happy Friday girl! I love all of the pics of your sweet boys :)!