Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Amazing Completed Wood Floors!!

The floors were something we knew we wanted to redo as soon as we bought our house. We browsed pinterest to come up with the best inspiration pictures to fit our style.

 As you can see we liked oak floors with more a natural finish.  We had dark floors at our previous house and wanted a lighter finish for our new floors.
After our floors were installed, we did samples 3 different times to get the exact look we wanted....
...and we were not exactly in love with the options.  The left stain is the natural floor with the sealer coat on it, the middle is a dark walnut and the right is golden brown.  When we put the sealer on the natural wood, it had a yellow tone to it...definitely not what we were going for.
So we started to play with variations.
We knew we wanted a much lighter color so we added some pastel coloring to the stain. We tried different percentages and then tried it in different sequences (pastel first or the darker stain first.)
We chose the very left stain. It has the pastel coloring mixed directly into the stain color.  Our flooring guys were happy with our decision because it meant they did not have to do two coats.
Have you ever seen something so beautiful!!!
I am in love with the color and the variation in the wood. This renovation has not been easy. The boys and I have spent 16 of the last 30 days gone because we couldn't be at our house. They really missed their daddy and I missed my husband. We also missed having a place that felt comfortable and like a home to us. We really haven't had that feeling since we sold our house in May.
Coming home to these beauties sure did ease the renovation pain and made it all feel worth while.
The boys love them too!! (and yes Baker is wearing a hanger as a belt!)
Our house is slowly coming together and finally starting to feel like our home. I can see the finish line! YAY!!! Now time to unpack!
Or maybe I should just lay here for a few minutes....


  1. Megan!! Those floors are beautiful!!! Love them so much!

    1. Thank you!! they turned out just like I wanted!

  2. WOW!!! those are a game changer and look absolutely beautiful!