Monday, August 31, 2015

The Walls Came Tumbling Down

Today is the big demolition day for the walls in our house!! (see our master plan here) The boys and I are headed to my moms to get out of the way. This will be dirty and I did not want to corral them both in a bedroom. Plus our air conditioner will have to be off during this time and we might not survive the heat or the small space. It's a good thing my mom is fairly close! I hope she doesn't get tired of us. I hate to miss some of the progress but I have demanded lots of pictures and updates from Austin.

When I get back this wall will be gone! It will be a huge 12 foot opening. Originally we wanted to removed the entire wall but it is the only load bearing wall running east to west in our house. We had an engineer out to look at it and quickly realized it was WAY more than we wanted to take on ourselves.
We hired a framing crew to remove the walls but Austin will finish them out himself with beams and columns. We had a beam in our McKinney house. Mike, my father in-law, designed it for us on a napkin at dinner one night. He then came back and helped Austin build it.

Don't you love them! It was my favorite thing about our home. I hated to leave those beams. They were beautiful. I know Austin will be able to build something new and fun and I can't wait to see the project unfold.
These pictures were from our McKinney home. My talented friend Christen at Blue J helped us stage our home before we listed it. She has an eye for design, sings like an angel and is the very best hostess! Her instagram, @blue_j_home,  is full of beautiful pictures of her own home and is my favorite place to find inspiration.

Friday, August 28, 2015

Friday Favorites- shop local - Abilene Texas

One of my favorite things is supporting the local economy and discovering new unique places. A few weekends ago we loaded up the crew and attempted to do a little local shopping.

Here is a peak at what we were looking for -

1. unique lighting for above our sink, eat in peninsula and entry way
2. fun accents for our bookshelf project

Our first stop was Elmwood Antique Centre - 3910 S 7th St, Abilene Tx

How fun is this antique trunk!
About this time our 2 year old started acting like a 2 year old and we knew we were done. Our shopping trip lasted less than 15 minutes. HA!!
Before we loaded up again we saw a neat looking area across the street and decided to go explore.
I popped my head into a coffee shop, Mezamiz, and looked around. I asked the barista a few questions and told her we just moved to the area. She offered us both a free cup of coffee!! How sweet is that. We sat outside and decided to order some lunch too. It was very unexpected and so much fun!
Mezamiz - 3909 S 7th St Suite C Abilene, Tx
It's a new favorite for sure! I can't wait to go back. They also serve dinner and have live music several nights a week.
We sat outside and enjoyed the good weather.
I then dropped the boys off for naps and went exploring on my own.
They have two stores and I checked them both out. I can already tell this will be a favorite spot to visit. They had lots of neat treasures.
I sent this picture to Austin because I really liked the candlestick but he loved the old cigar box so it came home with me.

 Next stop, Chic Antiques, it's next door to vintage marketplace 2
 This place was gold. I loved everything inside. I can't wait to go back and look again. It might be my favorite store of the day.
Aren't these corbels amazing.
My favorite part about this day was making fun memories with my little family. One of the main reasons we moved to Abilene was to get Austin away from his long commute into Dallas everyday.
Just for fun these are a few of my favorite pictures from this week.
Baker's favorite this week has been playing Let's Go Fishing.
But my very favorite might be the Abilene traffic.
I hope you found some new favorites places to check out if you are ever in Abilene, Texas.


Thursday, August 27, 2015

Floor plans

After Austin managed to talk me into buying our house, we visited a second time for the inspection. Did I mentioned I wasn't a fan of a remodel with two small kids at home? On this visit we found the original floor plans. They were old and yellowed and amazing!! Austin is a builder so this made his day and reaffirmed that we made the right decision.

I love looking at all of the details in these plans. I know how much work went into making them and getting every house detail just right. There are about 20 pages of drawings.

We left these books shelves and updated them a bit. I will show you them soon!
Now is a good time to mention that I have the best in-laws. I do not like making big house decisions without them. Mike my father in-law is an architect and he has an amazing eye for colors and design. I remember the first time I went to their house and thinking it was beautiful. (Austin invited me home with him in college and we had only been dating 6 weeks! yikes!) They bought an older home that was in terrible shape and made it incredible. Ann, my mother in-law, likes to tell a story about how when she showed her mom the house she cried. That's how bad it was.
We showed Mike the floors plans and he created a master plan.
Original plans
renovation to do list:
-remove the L shaped cabinets and make it an eat in peninsula
- move the AC unit to current dining room door opening
-open up wall space that used to house AC unit to a 12 foot opening
-remove built in desk area
renovation to do list:
-remove the wall between the existing den and living
-open entry
-close the wall in the entry way to the hallway
-take out all carpet and tile (minus bedrooms and laundry) and put in wood flooring
I'm hoping this helps you visualize the bigger projects that we have going on. The large wall we are removing is the only wall (so load bearing) running east and west in the center our house so this is a BIG project.
Ps. Don't worry we only marked up copies of the floor plans. I have big plans for the originals.

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Bye-Bye 1982 Hello 2015

I just want it to be known that I did not want a renovation house. That was my one requirement when we first started searching for homes. God must have gotten a good laugh when he placed an amazing outdated house right into our hands. Through a friend of a friend we bought a house in a neighborhood we loved but could not afford. The house was not even on the market. It was OUR house, well actually Austin had to do lots of convincing before it became our house. The house was in excellent shape but needed to be brought out of 1982. We are working through several renovation phases and the first one is the kitchen. Fingers crossed we should be done in a month or two. Here are some before pictures of the kitchen.
We Austin gutted the kitchen and luckily his dad came to help some too.
Happy birthday to Austin!
Empty blank slate
Cabinet install day

The cabinets are Sherwin Williams Aesthetic White

Notice the yucky ceiling fan is gone too! Austin installed 4 recessed LED lights.
We've had granite installed and our farmhouse sink. The appliances have been a mess to install and our fridge is in the middle of the floor but hopefully I will have some finished kitchen pictures soon!