Thursday, April 20, 2017

Glitz and Blitz

My sweet friends Shana and Summer own a company called Glitz and Blitz! I wanted to share a few of their products with you today! 

I taught school with both of these ladies in McKinney and they are just good people! They are also super creative! 

I've been needing a few bigger shirts to accomodate my growing belly and they hooked me up! 

How cute is this shirt! 

The colors are fabulous and the vinyl is soft and not crunchy! 
I wore mine to our Easter Sunday lunch and it was perfect. 

These ladies can make you ANYTHING you want! Seriously the options are endless. 

Check out these really cute shirts for teachers to wear during STAAR testing. 

That is gold glitter!! Perfect for some Jaybird teachers!

Their prices are amazing too! These STAAR shirts start at $12 for crew neck and $16 for v-neck. 

I LOVE the lime green and gray! 

They can customize for any school. 

Or any event!! 

They can make any shirt your child can dream up too! 

I love the glitter on this Beauty and the Beast one! 

And the perfect shirt for parents too! 

You can find their facebook page here: Glitz and Blitz

Make sure you tell them I sent you. And dream up something good!! I'm thinking birthdays, school functions, holidays, hospital shirts for siblings, and just every day shirts! 

*These ladies are my friends!! And they did send me a free shirt BUT all these opinions are all my own! I just happen to think these ladies are fantastic! 

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Easter 2017

The Butler crew enjoyed a fabulous Easter weekend.

Saturday morning we started off with a little relaxing reading time! Ha! This never happens at our house, but I was cleaning up and Austin was running some errands and I noticed the boys were extra quiet! I found them quietly enjoying some books! For once they were not wrestling each other! 

I've been asking Austin for an outdoor table since we moved two years ago! He has had a long list of projects and finally got around to building us a table. 

The boys loved helping! 

And the table turned out fabulous! 

We have enough chairs around it for 10 people! It's amazing. 

After a full Saturday, I sat out the boys Easter baskets and their Easter Sunday clothes! 

Baker has a HUGE issue with jeans and really any clothes he doesn't think are comfortable so we had a major pep talk about it the night before! He got dressed before we could look through his basket on Sunday morning and we had zero issues! It was awesome! 

Baker -  "My church friends are going to love my fancy clothes"

Apparently jeans are fancy clothes in the Butler house! 

I helped out in Fisher's Sunday school class and he kept us all entertained! 


After church we hosted 11 adults and 5 kids for lunch at our house!! We had the best time! 

We wrapped up our afternoon with an egg hunt! 

And then a long walk! 

I completely forgot about dying eggs but a certain 4 year old did NOT!! He reminded me over and over and Monday morning we dyed eggs! 

The boys loved it!! And then Baker proceeded to peel and eat 4 boiled eggs! I had to cut him off. 

We had the very best Easter celebrating as a family! 

Thursday, April 6, 2017

Big Bend National Park Camping Trip

Last week we loaded up the crew and voyaged the 7 hours down to Big Bend National Park. A few weeks ago we went on a trial camping trip, but this was our first big family camping trip. Austin and I both grew up going camping and it's an experience we want to pass on to our kids.     

We planned this trip with the Bossiers, our friends from McKinney. I am so glad we went with another family! It was a blast! 

It was a long car trip and we were so happy to arrive! 

We camped in Chisos Basin and it was the perfect spot. When we made reservations all the individual spots were full, so we reserved a group spot. I am sooooo glad we did. It was the perfect set up and we had tons of room. 

This was the view from our campground.  Window Trail began right from our camping spot and after setting up our tent we headed down the trail. 

The Butler crew did not make it very far on our first hike. We only did about a mile total. 

The Bossiers powered through and finished the hike while we went back to the camp. 

We cooked delicious hamburgers for dinner and enjoyed a beautiful sunset view. 

Then we enjoyed s'mores! 

Day TWO we woke up to a beautiful sight. 

The boys voted and they said hot chocolate was the BEST part of camping. 

Our campsite was way better than we expected. We suprisingly had running water access at our camp and the bathrooms were extremely clean. We didn't have a shower, but the entire situation was much better than we anticipated! 

I pre-made breakfast tacos so we could just throw them on the grill. They were so easy and yummy. 

After we fueled up, we headed on a drive across the park to Boquillas Canyon. 

This crew all together just warms my heart! I get all the feels when I see our families together. Five years ago Jolene and I were both struggling with infertility and we literally clung to each other. I could not have survived that stage of life without her support. And to see our boys play together is just AMAZING! We are planning an annual camping trip together. It was good for my soul to spend time with their sweet family. 

Seriously love these boys!

We hiked a 1.5 miles down Boquillas Canyon trail. All of the boys did great! 

I hope he holds my hand forever! 

The Rio Grande! 

Halfway through this river is Mexico! 

Right after this Baker fell all the way in...whoops. 

Then we drove to an area where there are natural hot springs. We did a short hike to find them. 

On our way back to our campsite both boys took a snooze! 

When we got back the daddies headed out for some off roading and Jolene and I had boy duty. So naturally we let them get as dirty as possible. 

The loved playing in the bear proof storage boxes. 

And digging in the dirt. 

We could not stop laughing at Fisher. He was extremely dirty. Check out their legs! 

We wrapped up our night with chili and s'mores. When we headed to bed it was pretty windy, but last we checked there wasn't a chance of rain. 

The wind was so loud on our tent that Austin and I couldn't sleep, and around midnight it started to thunder and lightning. We were completely out of cell phone range so we couldn't check the weather. We decided the storm was on the other side of the mountain and our kids were asleep so we just waited it out. Then around 2 a major storm hit right on top of us! It was crazy and extremely loud. 

I snapped this picture so we would remember being up all night!! Thankfully both our kids slept through the entire storm. For the record: we looked it up the next day and they recommend going to your car if it storms while you are tent camping! Whoops! Well now we know! 

It was really a great trip! I am looking forward to many more memories camping!